love is a small puppy




cleaning up sunlight is not hard work

just move the clouds a little,

the plants

they constantly wiping the air

for them

how can i say only half of my gratitude ?



half thanksgiving is like a technique

of lifting without shaking

a box made of smoke

well …. what will you do with the rest of your gratitude



when the cattle return to shed

the meadow behind the mountain is follow them

in that mountain

most of the people who mute themselves

i will express rest of my gratitude

for the lips that pronounce for them,


why are you walking in the opposite direction

to your hometown?



i had a dog with two toes on one leg

and named her ‘broken ice’

she swallowed her tongue

i don’t know where she went without knowing to bark,

pain of love is a kind of self-awareness,

to avoid

not to be frozen by the cold light of understanding

i walk in the opposite direction

did you see my dog?



I don’t know, is love heavy or not ?


i hand over my forearm to you instead of a piece of bone

because your love is a small puppy


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